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Printing Advice X

Advanced Printing Support (Java)

Internet Explorer 11 is the only browser supported for all advanced printing functionality. If you are accessing the platform through other browsers (such as Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome) advanced printing will not be available.

Should you receive a message informing you that 'Java label printing is not supported in your browser' please either install Internet Explorer 11 or speak to your internal IT support for help in doing so.

Please note that Connector is not affected by the changes in browser technology.

Basic Printing Support (PDF only)

If you print your labels via PDF then in order to print to the best quality, it is advised to use a laser printer. This is supported in all browsers.

When printing PDF labels via thermal printers, label quality cannot be guaranteed, however the best results can be obtained using either Firefox or Chrome.

How to switch between Advanced Printing and PDF Only

For PDF Only:

From your menu page select "Printer Configuration" and change the print mode to Basic.

For Advanced Printing:

From your menu page select "Printer Configuration" and change the print mode to Advanced.

Please note that if you are in Basic Mode, in order to switch to Advanced mode, you MUST be using a browser that allows all advanced printing functionality.

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Label Printing Advice
Advanced printing (Java) Only available when using Internet Explorer 11
Basic printing (PDF) If using a laser printer, then any browser will work.
If using a thermal printer, then please use Firefox or Chrome
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